The Old Cedar Post
The Old Cedar Post Family Owned and Operated in the Heart of Texas in Beautiful New Braunfels

The Old Cedar Post is a family owned small business located near the beautiful Texas Hill Country town of New Braunfels. We utilize 100%Texas Hill Country Cedar (ashe juniper) in all of our custom furniture and furnishings creations. This tree is considered a hardwood and possesses a naturally high oil content for durability and longevity as well as unique grain and coloration pattern much like the human fingerprint. The ashe juniper tree has been studied by Texas A&M University and found to have a profound impact on the environment because of this tree’s natural canopy impeding water flow from entering aquifers which are the largest sources of water in the Texas Hill Country. The most common use of ashe juniper is as fencing material because of its natural strength and resistance to rot. Unfortunately, the larger diameter ashe juniper logs are usually burned because they are too large to use as fence posts and won’t fit in most commercial shredders. By using these ashe juniper logs and milling them on our sawmill we find a functional and beautiful solution to burning these large ashe juniper logs.

Pictures showing unique grain patterns within one ashe juniper slab.

Utilizing our sawmill we are able to build a quality product at a reasonable price. Everything we build is 100% handmade from the log. Made in Texas, USA guaranteed by Texans. We are a USDA Bio-Preferred (Green) builder of rustic furniture.

Our product line includes but is not limited to rustic, cowboy, chic cabin, contemporary, and renaissance. We also offer furniture design at no cost, and custom build furniture to our customer’s specific needs including height, weight, and medical requirements.

  My workshop will be open by appointment only. You can reach me by either email or telephone at 210-844-5634 and you can set up a time to meet with me at your convenience. You can also come visit with me at my booth at Gruene Market Days at my booth on Hunter Road  ( ) the third weekend of each month.

Below is a video showing how we mill a one inch natural edge board on our sawmill.

Please click the links at the top of this page for more photos and information on our products. You can contact Nancy at 210-844-5634 for availability and current pricing.
You can email me at:

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