Made with Heart in the Heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Natural Edged Elevated Pet Feeder

Need a place to hang your dog leashes and keys we can build a wall mounted decorative hanger for you.

Pet Products and Accessories

   We build custom dog and cat houses and other furniture, including beds. We build elevated feeders that are custom designed at the perfect height for your pet. We also build a very fine saddle rack with blanket, bridle and grooming accessories storage.    And you can be assured that every piece of pet furniture we build will be handcrafted with quality guaranteed one-of-a-kind.     

   Final sanding of our custom furniture is to 220 grit. The wood is then sealed with three coats of spar (marine grade) urethane or Minwax Polycrylic, sanded between the second and third coats for maximum adhesion.
   We choose to use Minwax Spar Urethane Clear Hi-Gloss product because of its durability and UV resistant properties resulting in years of service before having to apply another coat. This is a marine grade urethane made to stand up to the outdoor environment. This product also provides for easy cleaning and maximum water repellency.  Minwax Polycrylic is a great protective coating for furniture that is to be used indoors.
   The underside of our furniture is left raw in order that the natural, aromatic, and therapeutic aroma of the juniper (cedar) odor from the oil found within the wood can be enjoyed by our customers. This odor also naturally repels insects which is a definite plus when you are sitting outside enjoy nature. Over time the oil will wick away from the surface, but a gentle sanding will once again bring the oil back to the surface and renew the wonderful odor.