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Rustic Coolers

We build one of the best wooden chest coolers on the market. Using 100% cedar (ashe juniper) wood we build custom cabinets to house any style ice chest. The tops of our coolers can be built flat or with raised edged or natural edged decorative boards .Custom artwork can be added to any cooler for either commercial or personal use. Each of our coolers is a unique, one-of-a-kind conversation piece as well as durable and functional.
We offer two standard size coolers for sale: Our single cooler houses one 48/52 quart Igloo family ice chest and our double cooler houses two 48/52 quart Igloo family ice chest. We can even build a custom cooler for your Yeti or Pelican cooler.
   Our single cooler can be designed with a height above ground being 30 inches for use as a side table with our rockers. Our standard height for a single cooler is 39 ½ inches above ground.
All of our coolers are designed to include 2 inch heavy duty casters for ease of moving when fully loaded. We install two fixed and two swivel/locking casters on each cooler.
   All of our coolers come equipped with exterior grade handles and one cast iron bottle opener. The ice chest top is secured in place using exterior grade primed 3 inch screws with Phillips heads which are counter sunk into the wood. Each ice chest has its own brass faucet which can be used with a garden hose for ease of draining and recycling of ice water into the great outdoors for watering plants or grass.
   Overall dimensions of a single cooler are 39 ½ inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 19 ½ inches in depth. Overall dimensions of a double cooler are 39 ½ inches tall, 58 inches wide, and 19 ½ inches in depth. The ice chests themselves are designed to be replaced when needed with minimal work by our customers.
   Final sanding of our coolers is to 220 grit. The wood is then sealed with three coats of spar (marine grade) urethane, sanded between the second and third coats for maximum adhesion. We choose to use Minwax Spar Urethane Clear Hi-Gloss product because of its durability and UV resistant properties resulting in years of service before having to apply another coat. This is a marine grade urethane made to stand up to the outdoor environment. This product also provides for easy cleaning of your cooler and maximum water repellency.
The underside of our coolers is left raw in order that the natural, aromatic, and therapeutic aroma of the juniper (cedar) odor from the oil found within the wood can be enjoyed by our customers. This odor also naturally repels insects which is a definite plus when you are sitting outside enjoy nature. Over time the oil will wick away from the surface, but a gentle sanding will once again bring the oil back to the surface and renew the wonderful odor.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

Top of double cooler showing natural edge boards.

Single Cooler showing natural edge boards.

Single Cooler as part of single rocker set

Double Cooler with both tops open

Custom Single Cooler with bar top and storage

Back of Double Cooler showing exterior grade hinges